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Anyone out there wanting to try a delicious and highly nutritious supplementary drink (shake) should give Shakeology a try. Being interested in nutrition, as a hobby, I have sampled numerous protein powder shakes over the years just to see what different products taste like and to compare their nutritional value. Shakeology is at the top of my list. I think along with its high protein amount (16g per serving), low sugar, low amount of calories and its over-the-top nutritional ingredients makes this product worth trying. It's a winner!!

I personally like the vanilla. You can just mix it with water or add your favorite fruit. In minutes you can blend up a variety of delicious shakes that suit your own taste preference and know that you are getting a highly nutritious, good tasting meal.


Pamela Lueder

South Lake Tahoe Ca   

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There are few things that have truly become part of my daily routine, and Shakeology is now one of them. I have been drinking Shakeology daily for almost two years now, and I would not be writing about it if I did not believe in it.


I admire the creators for the time they put into their product. This shake is so much more than a protein shake. Each ingredient is included with a purpose and they work together to help you feel your best. Take a look at the chart below to see what is inside and what  this shake can do for you! I am not a nutritionist, but I am an expert in myself. I have seen what this can do for people and I want to invite you to give it a try as well.


When I first decided to give it a go I was skeptical but was wanting to give anything a full chance to get some results. In just two weeks I noticed a difference in my energy levels, in my digestion and in my cravings! At the end of the month while I was happy with the shake, I decided I could find a substitute for a cheaper price.

Shakeology, where do I begin?  

I have always been  active my whole life, so i have been on the hunt  for good protein powder for a long time.  A protein powder that fills my body with nutrients it needs after a good workout while also  curbs my cravings.


Shakeology does just that.

I have been using Shakology for over a year and a half and i will never go back. I have tried 8 protein powders before, none of which i continued after the first bag.

Knowing that Carl Deikler literally goes to all ends of the planet to make sure he has all the Best Organic, Non- Gmo ingredients to fill each super food bag justifies the quality. There are multiply science  research projects and podcasts i have listened to that go over the value of ingredients.

As I continued my own research i found more pre-biotics, probiotic and digestive enzymes (my favorite) in shakeology with many other phytonutrients and superfoods than any other protein on the market. 

I have seen my body and mind transform,

After using shakeology for a couple days, i started to understand what my body actually needed. VITAMINS, Not SUGAR. I  have dramatically reduced my sugar intake.


I use my superfood shake as my daily dense supply of superfood nutrition instead of eating 2 chocolate bars with ice cream. I save money too.

With shakeology only being 3.43$ per day, i save money from starbucks/muffins/treats and give my body what it deserves.

I will never go back.

I replace chocolate Shakeology with my snack and usually make it blended with a frozen banana and a bit of ice. MMM YUM!

The community and support that comes with Shakeology , is a blessing. My life has changed and i am forever grateful!


Listen to the podcast for yourself



~Lindsey Allaway

I tried about 4 different shakes in the time and I could not finish any of them, I found myself missing not only the flavor but more importantly how I felt. As Christmas approached I decided I would sit down and find a way to make this part of my grocery list. I knew I would need a discount, but I knew I needed this in my life no matter what. The rest is history.


I personally love the Chocolate Vegan! I do not do to well with whey, and this is my perfect balance!! And though I do not enjoy the regular flavors there are tons of people out there who have become lifers as well!! It is all about finding what you like best! Because eating healthy and feeling great does not have to be a tolling task, or taste aweful. It should be fun and delicious!


If you...

*have been looking for that boost in energy

*Are not a fan of eating vegetables but know you need more in your diet

*Are struggling to get a nurtritious meal in as you leave the house In the morning

* Need help cutting those cravings


It is time to try something new. Send me a message and we can chat about what works best for you!